Installing Eclipse Ditto

Download Ditto from Github and unzip it in your favorite directory:

cd /data/install

Adjust the nginx password:

openssl passwd -quiet
 Password: <enter password>
 Verifying - Password: <enter password>

Append the printed hash in the nginx.httpasswd (in the same folder as docker-compose.yml) file placing the username who shall receive this password in front like this:


Configure the docker data directory in /etc/docker/deamon.json:

   "data-root": "/data/docker"

And finally, install Ditto using the Docker compose script:

cd ditto-master/deployment/docker/
docker-compose up -d

To automatically start Ditto at system start, and clean up the related log-files and the following two lines to crontab:

crontab -e

@reboot sleep 30 && cd /data/docker && find . -name "*json.log" -type f -delete
@reboot sleep 60 && cd /data/install/ditto-master/deployment/docker && sudo docker-compose up -d